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Engineering Consulting

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers' needs by surface treating products to the highest standard of quality, while providing services that far exceed their expectations. We provide General Engineering Consulting and Surface Treatment Consulting to help provide our customers with positive results and products.

General Engineering Consulting:
The highly qualified applications engineering team can assist you with your current manufacturing process by:

  • Efficient implementation of quality controlled processes.
  • Providing cost effective results and improvements in production quality and quantity.
  • Developing and maintaining technical training and expertise.
  • Continue to stay up-to-date with latest applicable technological advances.

Surface Treatment Consulting:
Our skilled engineering team will help you solve all manufacturing concerns by:

  • Analyzing current manufacturing procedures
  • Help to determine optimum tooling design and implementation
  • Recommend alternate materials and material handling improvements

We feel the development of a working relationship with you will better help us understand your manufacturing needs while broadening our spectrum to the demands of all manufacturers.

For more information, contact us by email at

Applications of PST™ / TNHT™

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